SANCTION #HA-24378559

Tournament Guidelines

The tournament is sanctioned by Hockey Alberta. Hockey Canada rules apply.

All teams will play Thursday at either 5:00 pm or 8:00 pm.

 All teams will play their final game on Sunday, with the championship game at 12:00 pm. The tournament will guarantee each team a minimum of 5 games.

Each game will consist of three 20 minute stop time periods, with a full flood after each period. However, where time dictates the referee and the Tournament Committee may eliminate the ice cleaning. Play will then recommence after a two-minute rest period.

 Warm-ups will be 5 minutes in duration, team to go on the ice at their start time. Once both teams are on the ice the 5 minutes will start. Warm-up pucks are supplied by the tournament.

 The tournament format will consist of 4 divisions, 2 divisions of 4 teams and 2 divisions of 3 teams in each. Each team will play 3 games in the qualifying round. Teams then move on to play a team from another pool with a similar ranking either in semifinal or consolation play.

 Tied games will not be broken in the qualifying round play.

 Two points will be awarded for a win, one point for a tie, and no points for a loss.


Tournament Rules

 All players must wear C.S.A. approved helmets. Hockey Canada approved neck guards and face masks securely attached, with chinstraps properly fastened under the chin.

 Each team must provide the tournament committee with a team roster prior to the start of the tournament. Hockey Canada registration cards for all roster players must be available for review by the Tournament Committee at any time. The team roster may include affiliate players (with registration cards). The roster is frozen once the tournament starts with a maximum of 21 players. A team may dress only 19 players for each game.

 Off-ice officials (timekeepers, scorekeepers, and announcers) shall be the responsibility of the Tournament Committee.

 Disciplinary rulings shall apply as per Tournament Disciplinary Committee. A written report on any disciplinary ruling will be sent to the appropriate governing body as required.

 Coaches and managers are responsible to ensure that any suspensions are appropriately served by team members.

 Coaches and managers are responsible for the behavior of their team and supporters. Inappropriate behavior shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Tournament Committee.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter game times and location as circumstances warrant. Team Managers/Coaches will be advised of changes. Teams must be ready to play at the appointed time.

 One 30 second time-out will be allowed for each team during each tournament game.

 Jersey colors – Home teams will wear light colors; visitors will wear dark colors. In the event there is a conflict, the home team will be required to change.